Football Core Values

Football Core Values

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As I sit in coaching “free agency,” I have been given the opportunity to reflect on the last few years and how my views toward coaching and teaching have evolved. I am no expert in any particular scheme or style of play, but one thing that I have come to understand and embrace is the need for all coaches to have a philosophy in the way they teach and coach their scheme or style of play. The world of football is very small – there are only a handful of places outside of the United States where the game is played – and the internet has made that world even smaller. Blogs like Smart Football, message boards like Coach Huey, and during the season, 5 days a week worth of football allow us to acquire, steal, and copy what we want and need and then adapt what we see or hear to our own situations.

But before getting into the scheme and technique aspects of football, which we all love, it is important to understand that we must all hang our hat on something. That something must help our programs succeed when the talent isn’t there or allow us to succeed when the scheme and techniques we have taught throughout the week aren’t working on gameday. That thing is what I call “Core Values.”

You must find what your values are and allow those values to permeate throughout your entire organization. Some of us live in constant chaos and are able to establish order through chaos (Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, anyone? ). Some of us are able to fly by the seat of our pants. However, like the great Bill Walsh says in The Score Takes Care of Itself, what happens when someone pulls your pants down? Will you be ready? More importantly, will your coaching staff and kids be?

Establishing your “Core Values” takes patience and reflection. My state of currently having no polis (Greek word for “city” – in my case, “program”), has forced me to reflect on what I have been taught and what I have learned over these last few formidable years in my career. It has also forced me to reflect on my upbringing in the home of a Marine father and immigrant mother, my travels around the world as a child, and my own adventures as a Marine. Like any good football coach, I have acquired, stolen, and copied from those I’ve learned from and the places I’ve been to establish “Core Values” that I believe in and will use as the foundation for the next step in my career.



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January 24, 2010 at 12:24 PM